Kevin + Rochelle | Belle Isle Conservatory Wedding

The beautiful Ann Scrips Flower Conservatory on Belle Isle was the ideal location for Kevin and Rochelle to confess their love.  Promptly at noon (as chimes played in the background from the Peace Carillon) the blushing bride (Rochelle) was escorted down the aisle by her ever so proud brother.  Kevin arrived early to the Conservatory and his groomsmen anxiously helped him keep it together, stay cool and attach his boutonniere  (which is actually more difficult than you’d think and even more difficult to spell).  Rochelle arrived shortly before the ceremony began and her bridesmaids made sure she was perfect!  Kevin and Rochelle are such a sweet couple, they were so excited to be married and sang “going to the chapel and we’re, gonna get married” over and over again while laughing with each other.  It was a very laid back,  focused on the moment, intimate day.  Only the closest of friends were present which made this the most intimate celebration of love I’ve ever witnessed but it was genuine and it was beautiful and I don’t believe they would have preferred it to be any other way.IMG_8161 IMG_8169 IMG_8174 IMG_8184 IMG_8218 IMG_8248 IMG_8278 IMG_8371 IMG_8456