Taylor + Justin | Westland Michigan Wedding

This was my last wedding for the year and this young and in-love couple were absolutely adorable! Taylor had the entire day planned down to the minute with an excel spreadsheet to boot; she’s a gal after my own heart! Justin hated taking photos. Again, Justin HATED taking photos and he reminded me and anyone who would listen of this stance quite frequently but I’d like to say I won him over by the end of the night! Congrats Taylor and Justin! I wish you many years of happiness!
xoxo Carol
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Jessica + Chris | Fern Hills Golf Course Wedding | Clinton, MI

Jessica and Chris in wedded bliss! These two confessed their love for each other at the beautiful Fern Hill Golf Club in Clinton, Michigan. It was an absolutely beautiful fall day. Jessica and her bridesmaids, tip-toed to the golf course to take pre-ceremony photos; being ever so careful to avoid the eyes of the eager groom, Chris. After the ceremony, we rode the golf carts further out on the course to take photos with the entire wedding party, it was truly an adventure, it felt like we were going 100MPH in the golf carts and did I mention there were no seat belts?! It was truly an eventful day and one to remember! Congrats again, Jessica and Chris!


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Samantha + Tim Wedding | Farmington Hills

A few weeks ago I documented the wedding of Samantha (Sam) and Timothy (Tim).  The wedding took place at the Finnish Center in the beautiful Farmington Hills, MI.  These two were probably the most laid back couple ever!  Sam was walked down the aisle by her ever so gentle grandfather and he was so proud!  It rained in the morning but was crystal clear by the time the ceremony was set to start; perfect timing.  You know what they say if it rains on your wedding day?  It’s supposedly GOOD LUCK so it looks like you’re starting this thing out right!  Congrats you two, I couldn’t have been more honored to document your celebration of love.

XoXo Carol





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Shanon + Errin Engagement Session @ Oakland University

I spent the latter part of my Saturday capturing engagement photos of this gorgeous couple!Shanon and Errin met at Oakland University (Go Grizzlies!) so of course it made perfect sense to hold the engagement session on the beautiful OU campus.  If you can’t tell from the photos, these two have the kindest spirits. They couldn’t stop laughing and giggling; the entire session was a complete representation of love.  I can’t wait to document their love story next year!



Sharnae + Jerry | Silver Gardens Wedding

It’s been nearly a week since this wedding and I am still smiling from the memories that were shared and created. Sharnae and Jerry were married at the beautiful Silver Gardens Event Center in Southfield, Michigan. This venue has always been a gem in my eyes and near and dear to my heart.  As a child, I remember riding by the venue on the school bus every morning and wondering what magical things took place in the uniquely shaped building.  I finally had the honor and privilege to photograph an event here. The wedding ceremony took place in front of the beautiful gazebo located in the intimate garden equipped with its very own waterfall. The beautiful bride was escorted down the aisle by her proud and a tad bit nervous father. She was beaming with excitement and anticipation to marry her handsome groom that she initially met in elementary school. After fifth grade they went to separate schools but it was meant for them to reconnect and become one. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Congrats you two and welcome to the family Jerry!  #MeetTheOdensIMG_6614 IMG_8809 IMG_8775 IMG_8856 IMG_8988 IMG_9102 IMG_9360 IMG_9526 IMG_9535 IMG_9553 IMG_9601 IMG_9724

Kevin + Rochelle | Belle Isle Conservatory Wedding

The beautiful Ann Scrips Flower Conservatory on Belle Isle was the ideal location for Kevin and Rochelle to confess their love.  Promptly at noon (as chimes played in the background from the Peace Carillon) the blushing bride (Rochelle) was escorted down the aisle by her ever so proud brother.  Kevin arrived early to the Conservatory and his groomsmen anxiously helped him keep it together, stay cool and attach his boutonniere  (which is actually more difficult than you’d think and even more difficult to spell).  Rochelle arrived shortly before the ceremony began and her bridesmaids made sure she was perfect!  Kevin and Rochelle are such a sweet couple, they were so excited to be married and sang “going to the chapel and we’re, gonna get married” over and over again while laughing with each other.  It was a very laid back,  focused on the moment, intimate day.  Only the closest of friends were present which made this the most intimate celebration of love I’ve ever witnessed but it was genuine and it was beautiful and I don’t believe they would have preferred it to be any other way.IMG_8161 IMG_8169 IMG_8174 IMG_8184 IMG_8218 IMG_8248 IMG_8278 IMG_8371 IMG_8456


Jackie + Charles Wedding | Kreps Apple Barn | Temperance, Michigan

Yesterday, I photographed the beautiful wedding of Jackie & Chuck at the amazing Kreps Apple Barn in Temperance, Michigan.   It was 97 degrees and an absolute beautiful day to confess your love.  Jackie was an amazing bride to work with,  she was kind,  easy going and the total opposite of a “bridezilla”.  Chuck is truly her match as he probably thanked us 40 – 50 times for photographing their wedding; not that I’m complaining!   The newly renovated Barn where the couple had their first dance was absolutely gorgeous!   We were surrounded with fields of meticulously placed apple trees, all in perfect formation.   This venue was a perfect fit and truly matched this couples personality.  I had a great time and hope to visit this location again soon.   Congrats Jackie and Chuck!

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LaToya & Anthony’s Wedding | Lower Huron MetroPark

I had the absolute pleasure of documenting the wedding of LaToya and Anthony, in the beautiful Lower Huron Metropark. LaToya was glowing while she elegantly walked down the aisle to a beautiful song, sang by her sisters, in a cappella! The ceremony was full of small, intimate, details that caught the eye of all her guests.   A string of photo’s that gave us all a glimpse into the life of LaToya and Anthony; even the centerpieces signified what the act of marriage means to them. Thankfully, the rain held out until all of the festivities concluded. Congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. Turner!
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Amaya and the Shopkins!

I had the pleasure of taking photos of this little beauty the weekend before last. Her school chose to skip school photos this year (how rude?).  Her mom still wanted to stick with the tradition of having photos for each year she is in school and that’s just what we did! Amaya was shy at first but she opened right up once we started talking about the Shopkins!!  I will be completly honest and admit that I am still a little unclear on what the Shopkins actually do but Amaya loves them so that’s really all that matters!! It was such a pleasure meeting you Amaya!! I hope to see you and your handsome baby brother soon!!

Headshot Event!!!

I’ve been asked pretty frequently if I do headshots.  I thought I would give it a “shot” (pun intended) last weekend with a few of the gorgeous people I know.  I am happy to say that it went pleasingly well!  I learned a few things and can say that I am now confident with headshots.   So, if you’re local to Southfield, MI and looking to revamp your boring LinkedIn photo, let me know!!   Here are a few samples from the casting call.

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